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As an immigrant there are many challenges we will face in this lifetime. One of those major challenges is the question of how much we assimilate into our new culture; for some of us we completely wrap ourselves in the American flag and for all intents and purposes are as American as they come. However, there are also those who have no interest in assimilating and vehemently resist any attempts to “water down” their culture. Most of us though, fall somewhere in the middle; we have successfully assimilated into the culture and yet still, we have been able to preserve our heritage and cultural identity. This question of assimilation is never more important than when we are ready to settle down and build a life with that special someone. 

Whatever category you happen to fall in Odu`wa`re Matchmaking was created for you. Our entire purpose for existing is to help you find the best match for YOU.

Why Odu’wa’re Matchmaking?



Here at Odu`wa`re Matchmaking we understand exactly how much your cultural identity and background often influence your perception and expectations regarding marriage and family, such as your views on gender roles, managing finances, and even dealing with extended family to name a few. Therefore, at Odu`wa`re Matchmaking, your cultural identification and background is always at the forefront of our mind during the matchmaking process.



Our unique and revolutionary use of numerology as the foundation of our matchmaking process allows us to understand who you are as a unique individual and identify your best possible matches. The insights we gain from your personal numerology chart allows us to identify and highlight chemistry with potential matches early in the matchmaking process. This allows us to create the best possible matches; ensuring long and lasting bonds between partners.



The DMV is home to a unique and vibrant melting pot of diverse cultures, that can only be rivaled by the city of Toronto. That is why we choose to stay local. By focusing strictly on the DMV, we are better able to service our niche market of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. Here at Odu`wa`re Matchmaking we also believe that relationships are like gardens, in the sense that the amount of time and energy you invest into your garden dictates the results you see. Well, when you are living halfway across the country, it is kind of difficult to maintain your garden isn’t it? That is why one of our main goals in every matchmaking process, is to attempt to match you up with only people within driving distance. By focusing our attention strictly on the DMV, we are naturally in sync with the culture and rhythm of the area and can make the best recommendations about how to plan your dates.



You’re busy – with work, home, responsibilities. Dating takes time – all that scheduling, multiple meet-ups, lots of money spent on dressing and dinners. We do all the legwork for you. No more looking through hundreds of photos and reading endless bios. We listen to you and learn about you, and then we bring the matches to you. It’s simple!



If online dating leaves you feeling queasy, you’ve come to the right place. Here, your matches are anything but complete strangers. You can rest easy knowing that we conduct thorough background checks and in-person screenings on all potential matches. We don’t sell your information or put it online, and we won’t share your personal data with your match until you give permission.



Sick of swiping? Bored with blind dates? Anyone who’s dated knows that finding love is harder than movies make it out to be. We make the process simple. We do the work, and you sit back and wait for introductions. We’ll even coach you on how to make the best impression on your first date. You’re sure to shine!



You’re an individual with specific needs and wants. Why would you look for love through a cookie-cutter online dating app? We offer individualized service from a trusted and experienced professional matchmaker. We get to know our clients as people, and this allows us to make quality matches based on compatibility. We also determine “intention” and match you with people who are ready for a serious relationship – not just a casual connection.

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Dating During COVID

COVID-19 has affected and transformed many aspects of our society in ways we could have never imagined just a few short months ago. One of the many areas that has seen significant changes is the dating industry. Since the emergence of COVID-19, the how and why we enter into relationships has taken on a re-newed importance. The usual bar scenes and other social venues where singles meet are no longer easily accessible to them. This is why we’ve seen an all time high in new registration for dating apps; yet singles are still left feeling underserved and dissatisfied with the experience and results offered by these dating apps. If you have ever had to quarantine by yourself or with a significant other you were not truly compatible with, then you know the importance of getting it right. Maybe you are single and had to quarantine with family or friends; then in that case you are all too aware of what is missing in your life. So why not take a new approach that delivers results? Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you or go ahead and begin the pre-screening process.

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