As an immigrant there are many challenges we will face in this lifetime. One of those major challenges is the question of how much we will assimilate into our new culture; for some of us we completely wrap ourselves in the American flag and for all intents and purposes are as American as they come. However, there are also those who have no interest in assimilating and vehemently resist any attempts to “water down” their culture.Most of us though, fall somewhere in the middle; we have successfully assimilated into the culture and yet still, we have been able to preserve our cultural heritage and identity.

This theme of assimilation will continue to play out through the course of our lives. No more so than when we are ready to settle down and build a life with that special someone…..do you seek out someone more traditional in an attempt to preserve and pass on your culture to the next generation?…..do you seek out someone with no connection to your culture at all?…..or do you seek out someone who has managed to find that balance, that sweet spot. Someone who has managed to find a healthy balance between the American culture and that of the countries of their origin.

Whatever category you happen to fall in Odu`wa`re Matchmaking was created for you. Our entire purpose for existing is to help you find the best match for YOU.


Odu`wa`re Matchmaking is a new and revolutionary matchmaking company founded in 2020, by owner and CEO Uwa Jesuorobo. After years of study and successfully matching friends and colleagues, Uwa decided to utilize his wealth of knowledge and subject matter expertise, to launch his own professional matchmaking service; with the goal of transforming the institution of marriage.


Uwa Jesuorobo is a 1st generation immigrant from Nigeria, who came to America at the age of 7 and became a naturalized citizen at the age of 14. At 19 he joined the U.S. Army as an intelligence analyst and served 8 years with 2x deployments to Afghanistan. He also received an associate of applied science in intelligence operations studies from Cochise college and has been married once and divorced.

After the divorce, Uwa came away from that experience believing there had to be a better, safer, and smarter way to find the person you are meant to settle down with. Around the same time, Uwa was introduced to the science of numerology which would go on to change his life. The accuracy and simplicity of numerology convinced Uwa of the potential applications for finding love based on the numbers. This began a 6-year process of education and developing a totally unique system of matchmaking that is positioned to revolutionize the entire matchmaking industry. He is also a current student at the matchmaking institute.

While serving as an intelligence analyst in the military, Uwa received highly specialized training, where he gained valuable skills that have allowed him to transition into a career as a matchmaker. In his role as an analyst, Uwa had many duties and responsibilities which could be summarized as FIND, KNOW, and BE. As an analyst one must possess the necessary skills required to FIND people and information relevant to their organization’s operations. An analyst must also KNOW their target/person of interest by becoming intimately aware of their behavior patterns, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. An analyst must also conduct war game scenarios, during which they BEcome their target/person of interest in an effort to determine how said individual would react in any given situation.  These skill sets have proven to be unbelievably valuable as a matchmaker. They have allowed Uwa to find and recruit quality singles; to really know and understand the desires and motivations of his clients by conducting thorough pre-screenings and personality assessments. His experience also allows him to identify strengths or challenges with potential matches early in the matchmaking process.


There are several aspects about our matchmaking process that make us totally unique, however, the two pillars of our process are the use of numerology and cultural considerations as the goal posts during the matchmaking process. On the one hand, here at Odu`wa`re Matchmaking we know culture can influence an individual’s perception and expectations regarding marriage and family. For example, in cultures where there is a clear division of rights and responsibilities based on gender or sex, husbands and wives have distinct roles. In some cultures, men have a duty to go out in the world and provide their family with security and sustenance, while women have a duty to remain at home to take care of children and household responsibilities. Households where both husband and wife pursue their own careers and ambitions subvert these traditional cultural expectations and can be seen as disruptive.

                On the other hand,Numerology is an essential part of our matchmaking process for 2 reasons. 1st numerology allows us to identify and highlight potential chemistry (a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy) between matches. 2nd numerology allows us to create and highlight value (80/20 rule) for our matches.

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