I have over 3x years of experience successfully matchmaking friends and family. but have only recently decided to launch Odu`wa`re Matchmaking and become a full-time matchmaker.

  • PERSONAL EXPERIENCE-My journey to becoming a matchmaker began for purely selfish reasons. As a hopeless romantic who has been married and divorced once, I came away from that failed and toxic relationship bitter and feeling disenfranchised. I was so frustrated with dating in general and almost ready to hang it up! However, at my core I am a problem solver who believes every problem has a solution, if you can find the right equation. So, in the end I decided there had to be a better, safer, and more efficient way to find the person you are meant to settle down with. Around the same time, I was introduced to the science of numerology which would go on to change my life. The accuracy and simplicity of numerology convinced me of the potential applications for finding love based on the numbers. This began a 6-year process of education and developing a totally unique system of matchmaking that is positioned to revolutionize the entire matchmaking industry.
  • ASSIGNMENT-My personal belief is that everybody has an assignment or god given purpose for coming into this life. Your assignment is who god has called you to be and that assignment is unique for each oneof us. We don’t get to “choose” or “decide” our assignment, but rather “discover” our assignment. That discovery happens when we as individuals are able take time out to sit back and inventory the sum of our life experiences. We begin to see patterns and definite themes that point us in the path that allows us the truest expression of ourselves. For me personally that inner voice made it clear to me thatthis is where god has assigned me to be. I am a hopeless romantic who lives vicariously through my clients and receive the greatest joy in the world from seeing a successful match. On the other hand, it infuriates me every time I come across quality singles who are earnest in their desire to find love butcan’t find a partner who is ready to meet them halfway.
  • PARADIGM SHIFT-In 2012 when I began my journey to becoming a matchmaker,I knew that I wanted to impact people’s lives in a meaningful way and help them find true love. However, I was also aware that one of the challenges we face as matchmakers in society is convincing people to understand and appreciate the value of the services we provide. So, I knew that part of my mission would have to center around creating a paradigm shift in society. A paradigm shift is defined as “an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way”. For example, we once accepted Ptolemy’s “geocentric” model of the universe (with the earth at the center) as fact; until Copernicus came along with his”heliocentric”model (with the sun at the center) and changed everything.

Paradigm shifts typically happen over long periods of time, due to people’s inability to let go of old and outdated beliefs.However, some paradigm shifts can happen seemingly overnight when major events such as a global pandemicoccur that demand our attention as a collective society. These types of events urge us to stand back and take inventory of our lives.So, from the perspective of a matchmaker, the pandemic has been a good thing because it has facilitated the birth of a new paradigm shift.

If you’ve had to quarantine by yourself or with a significant other you were not truly compatible with, then you know the importance of getting it right. Maybe you are single and quarantined with family and friends, then you ‘ve become all too aware of what is missing in your life.In either caseas a society, we are starting to question the how and why we get married. And that is why I love being a matchmaker! As a matchmaker I get to play an active role in guiding quality singles into this new paradigm.

  • The first quality that sets me apart from other matchmakers is that as a 1st generation Nigerian immigrant myself, I can intimately relate to the dating experiences of my clientele and target market. This translates to a better-quality service for the client because every product or service offered is created as a solution to the unique dating challenges they face.
  • The second quality that separates us from other matchmakers is our unique and revolutionary use of numerology as the foundation of our matchmaking process.

There are several aspects about our matchmaking process that make us totally unique, however, the two pillars of our process are the use of numerology and cultural considerations as the goal posts during the matchmaking process. On the one hand, here at Odu`wa`re Matchmaking we know culture can influence an individual’s perception and expectations regarding marriage and family. For example, in cultures where there is a clear division of rights and responsibilities based on gender or sex, husbands and wives have distinct roles. In some cultures, men have a duty to go out in the world and provide their family with security and sustenance, while women have a duty to remain at home to take care of children and household responsibilities. Households where both husband and wife pursue their own careers and ambitions subvert these traditional cultural expectations and be


On the other hand, Numerology is an essential part of our matchmaking process for 2 reasons. 1st numerology allows us to identify and highlight potential chemistry (a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy) between matches. 2nd numerology allows us to create and highlight value (80/20 rule) for our matches.

  • PERSONAL TOUCH-Unlike a dating site/app, when you hire a matchmaker what you are really paying for is the personal touch and attention. Its like having your own personal assistant whos’ only responsibility is to handle your love life. Your matches are selected by an experienced matchmaker who knows you intimately and makes it their mission in life to deliver for you!
  • DATING BUBBLE-Dating currently can be extremely challenging, especially in this era of COVID-19. When you hire a matchmaker, you are gaining access to a network of quality singles who are just as ready as you are to take the next step in life.All “members”, as well as “clients” must pass an extensive screening process before we take them on; so, you can rest assured that every candidate in our bubble is here for the right reasons.
  • EFFICIENT-When you hire a matchmaker, all the heavy lifting is done for you. With such a busy schedule and everything that demands your attention in todays world, its nice to have someone handle all the stress, now all you have to do is show up for your date and make a good impression.
  • FEEDBACK-Unlike a dating site, a matchmakerguides you through the entire process, including providing relevant feedback following each date. This allows you to understand exactly what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.
  • PRE-SCREENING-When you hire a matchmaker, we pre-screen every potential match before we present them to you, so you are never presented with matches who don’t meet your deal breakers. When you use online dating, you are essentially playing Russian roulette.
  • VERIFIED PROFILES-When you are using an online dating site/app, everyone can be whoever or whatever they want and often times misrepresent themselves. When you sign up with a matchmaker you get the peace of mind of knowing that each potential match has been verified by the matchmaker.
  • INTENTIONAL DATING-Online dating sites/apps attract people with many different motivations, some being there for the right reasons and others not so much. With a matchmaker, you can be assured that everyyou get the peace of mind of knowing that our “clients” and “members” are here because they are ready and committed to taking an intentional approach to dating.

Numerology is the science of numbers or simply put, the idea that the universe is a system and once broken down we are left with the basic elements, which is numbers. These numbers can then be used to help us to better understand the world and ourselves as individuals.


Numerology is an essential part of our matchmaking process for 2 reasons. 1st numerology allows us to identify and highlight potential chemistry (a strong mutual attraction, attachment, or sympathy) between matches. 2nd numerology allows us to identify and highlight value (80/20 rule) for our matches.


Yes, I charge both men and women, or to be more specific, “members” join for free while “clients” pay for my services. In this regard, a “client” can be a male or female.



Yes, I do run background checks on all my “clients” and “members”. My goal is to foster a safe “bubble like” environment where only the best quality singles can meet safely. However,it is importantto note that although I do conduct background checks, its not always possible to know everything about a person. Sometimes questionable information or other red flags fly under the radar, due to possible name changes, or if they have lived in multiple states.

  • REFERRALS-As a graduate of the matchmaking institute, I am part of a network of certified matchmakers who often work together through referrals to best serve the needs of our clients.
  • WORD OF MOUTH-As a matchmaker who is very good at what I do, I often receive new “clients” through word of mouth. Usually from a current or former client I’ve worked with.
  • TEAM OF RECRUITERS-As a matchmaker the lifeblood of my business has and will always be my ability to maintain a database of quality singles to facilitate the best matches possible. Therefore, to this aim,I and my team areALWAYS recruiting when we’re out or at networking events and even on social media platforms.
  • SINGLE PEOPLE-Single people who are ready to settle down and are tired of playing games and wasting time. They are taking an active and intentional role in making it happen now!
  • DIVORCEES OR WIDOWS-Adults who have ended one relationship and are looking for a new partnership, but have been out of the dating pool for many years.
  • NEW IN TOWN-A particularly good use of matchmakers is with people who are new in town. The benefit is greater to them than to locals because even if they don’t make a great long-term match on a date, they’ve expanded their social world. People who are new to a geographic area who want to meet more people like them can use a matchmaking firm for this purpose and hopefully find a longer-term match as well.

It usually depends on the time of year and type of services individual clients are looking for, but I typically don’t like to take on more than 8 clients at any given time.


I was married and I am now divorced, therefore matchmaking is so personal to me.Although my first marriage did not work out, I came out of that experience more determined to do it better next time.So, I developed my unique system of matchmaking after years of research and extensive learning. As someone who is currently single, I am also intimately aware of the struggles and challenges facing singles in today’s dating environment.


As an immigrant there are many challenges we will face in this lifetime. One of those major challenges is the question of how much we will assimilate into our new culture; for some of us we completely wrap ourselves in the American flag and for all intents and purposes are as American as they come. However, there are also those who have no interest in assimilating and vehemently resist any attempts to “water down” their culture. Most of us though, fall somewhere in the middle; we have successfully assimilated into the culture and yet still, we have been able to preserve our cultural heritage and identity.

This theme of assimilation will continue to play out through the course of our lives. No more so than when we are ready to settle down and build a life with that special someone… you seek out someone more traditional in an attempt to preserve and pass on your culture to the next generation?… you seek out someone with no connection to your culture at all?…..or do you seek out someone who has managed to find that balance, that sweet spot. Someone who has managed to find a healthy balance between the American culture and that of the countries of their origin.

Whatever category you happen to fall in Odu`wa`re Matchmaking was created for you. Our entire purpose for existing is to help you find the best match for YOU.

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION-As a matchmaker my goal is to create a “bubble like” environment in which only quality singles who are relationship and marriage oriented are allowed. Our process begins with getting to know you, after all we want to learn about you and your relationship goals. It all starts with a phone call. A confidential conversation during which any questions you may have about the matchmaking process can be answered. We will learn about what you’re looking for in a potential partner, what has or hasn’t worked for you in past relationships. We’ll ask about your personal interests, hobbies and what makes you the perfect match for someone. Once we have gathered all this information, we make an assessment about which of our services best fit your needs.
  • BACKGROUND CHECKS-Running a background check before a first date can seem a bit invasive, especially if you haven’t even been on a first date yet. However, conducting a quick background check may reveal important, previously withheld information, including criminal charges or a secret significant other. If you’re “dating” someone online, this can present its own unique challenges such as “catfishing”. Our background check service provides you with the peace of mind of knowing the person you’re dating is who they say they are. We conduct a thorough search to identify potential obstacles to your relationship.
  • PERSONALIZED NUMEROLOGY READING-Numerology is a 4000-year-old science based on the mathematics of the Universe and as you’re about to see, numbers influence your life in many beautiful and mysterious ways and can reveal more about yourself than you ever thought. By looking at nothing more than your name and date of birth, we can uncover many surprising and fascinating truths hidden in your unique numerology chart, including how to identify your perfect match. Schedule a reading with us and discover who your best matches are and begin dating with a purpose.
  • NUMEROLOGY COMPATABILITY ASSESSMENT-Have you ever found yourself wondering if you’re wasting your time with your current relationship? or maybe you’re wondering if you gave up on the relationship too soon? Relationships can be difficult and sometimes very challenging, so it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves wondering if the person we’re with is the right one. By scheduling a 1-on-1 session with us, we can highlight the key areas of similarities and identify challenge areas. A numerology compatibility assessment is the easiest way to gain insight into the peculiarities of the bond between you and your partner. It’s time to stop wondering and time to get answers.
  • DATING AND RELATIONSHIP COACHING-A dating and relationship coach is an expert on the law of attraction and romantic relationships. Using our unique system which combines numerology and family counseling we can provide useful knowledge to help people conquer their fears about relationships and improve their communication skills. This may seem odd at first but, seeking help from experts can ultimately increase your chances of getting and keeping a life partner. As a relationship coach my goal is to guide you through the dating process so you succeed.
  • PROFILE WRITE UP-A profile write-up is typically used as the first introduction to a potential match. This can be a highly effective tool when done the right way. It allows us as matchmakers to present our clients to prospective matches in a way that captures the essence of who they and improves their chances of receiving positive feedback. After gathering all the necessary information from our initial interview, a profile write-up is compiled and used accordingly. A profile write-up details your core desires and expectations from a significant other and highlights your personality and most attractive attributes. We are very discreet about your privacy and what kinds of personal information we include.
  • FACE-2-FACE PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS-You’re bright and successful, and through hard work, you’ve created quite the life for yourself. And now you’re just looking for someone special with whom to share it. But, of course, not just anyone will do. Our face-2-face personal introductions offer exactly what you’re looking for. We do all the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is show up to your date and make the best impression. No more looking through hundreds of pictures on dating apps, swiping left or right, or going on blind dates. It’s time to take advantage of the individualized services offered by our professional and experienced matchmakers. After an extensive pre-screening, we begin the matchmaking process. Once we identify your potential matches and receive positive feedback from both parties, we set up your first date.
  • CONCIERGE_DATE CURATOR-As a professional matchmaker I make it my business to know every and anything there is to know about dating in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area. This allows me to provide the best recommendations on where to go for a 1st or even a 5th date. We even take our service to next level by handling all the logistics for your dates. Our goal is to provide a service where you simply have to show up to your date and bring the best version of yourself. It’s like having your own personal assistant. I verify everything is planned out carefully and manage your reservations.
  • BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE ADD-ON (OPTIONAL_W / PLATINUM_GOLD_SILVER)-Our bachelor/bachelorette option allows our clients the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be the bachelor or bachelorette. We first begin with a large pool of potential matches, once we receive positive feedback from our clients and potential matches, we narrow the pool down to the top 3x matches. The next step is the fun part, our bachelor or bachelorette will then go on a separate date with each of the 3x matches, and at the end of the first week must eliminate 1x match. By the end of week 3x, our bachelor or bachelorette should be more than confident in their pick.

We offer a wide range of service packages that aim to meet the individualized needs of each client; based on their budget and difficulty of their criteria.The simple truth is I need to understand the client’s needs and their criteria before giving a quote. It’s like getting an alteration to a suit or dress, until you take the measurements and see what all needs to be adjusted, it’s difficult to quote an exact price.


Yes, clients will be working directly with me from the initial consultation all the way to through the end of the process.


Every case is different, it all depends on what you are looking for and if I have someone readily available in my database who matches with you and meets your criteria. If this is the case your first date could happen as soon as 2 weeks after becoming a “client”. If on the other hand I don’t have anyone readily available in my database, then that means I and my team of recruiters have to go out and recruit based on your specific criteria. This can also be a quick process, but it could also stretch months as well; so,it all just depends on the circumstances.

  • CLIENTS-“Clients” are those quality singles who are ready to take an intentional approach towards dating.“clients” not only gain access to the quality singles within our database, but also gain access to the full range of services offered by a matchmaker. By providing a financial incentive, “clients” automatically put themselves at the top of their matchmaker’s priority list. Matchmakers know you are serious and ready to commit to love. We love to work with individuals like you, because after all, we are in the business to connect quality singles who are tired of playing games and wasting time! If you are fed up with playing games and wasting time, then this is option for you.
  • “Members” are non-paying matches in search of to quality singles but may not be ready or willing to pay for the services. I think it is important to note that although members gain free access to our database of quality singles and some limited services from the matchmaker, paying clients are always the priority during the matchmaking process. So as a non-paying member, you could find yourself waiting on the sidelines for months, or at least until you match the criteria of a paying “client”. If the costs of our services are something you are not ready to sign up for or you are just not completely sold on our ability to deliver results, then this is option for you.

I am fairly new to the matchmaking industry, but I have had lots of success. If we were to define success as couples who have committed to each other after the matchmaking process was complete, then we can say we have around an 80% success rate, however I do not conduct longitudinalstudies, so I couldn’t tell you precisely how many of these matches have resulted in a marriage or engagement. So, it all depends on how you define success.

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